Threshold ramps are used at door & ramp transition points.

Threshold ramps are used at door and ramp transition points to ensure a smooth pattern of movement hop over to this web-site. EZ-Access threshold ramps are often used to transition between a door and the top of a ramp landing or porch. Exterior door thresholds are sloped away from the door at a slope of 1/8 inch per foot.


  1. These threshold ramps are life savers because now you don’t get bounced around or need help to just get through the door.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Howard. I was recently installing a grab bar for a scooter riding gentleman who was moving into a new home in Lawrenceville, GA. I shared his excitement over the fact that there was no step up at the garage, enabling him to freely come and go. These might seem like small details, but they are not!