Walk in Tub for Buckhead Homes

More and more independent design experts are recommending a walk in tub for Buckhead residents who struggle with mild mobility challenges.

What are the reasons for this?

  • Walk in tubs provide easy access via a door in the side of the tub, thereby making obsolete the need to lift a leg to enter the high threshold surface as in the case of traditional bathtubs.
  • The door is secure and leak-proof.
  • Water may be run to the desired level once the user is comfortably situated on the tub seat.
  • Hydrotherapy or bubble jets provide soothing relief to aching, sensitive and recovering limbs.
  • Water drains quickly so that the user may safely exit the tub without having to wait a long period of time.
  • Walk in tubs are attractive and easily integrated into aging in place home design.
  • Installation can be completed in as little as a few days.

The walk in tub for Buckhead homes solves mobility challenges for people struggling with a disability, injury or the effects of aging!

If you or a loved one suffer from some degree of limited mobility and find getting in and out of a standard bathtub a hassle and potential danger, see what a walk in tub for Buckhead homes can offer you in the way of therapeutic and comfortable bathing.

If this sounds appealing for your current situation, check out Atlanta Home Modifications, LLC; we make it easy for you to get a walk in tub for your Buckhead home, your bath mobility solution.

Call Atlanta Home Modifications, LLC at 770.880.3405 or send an email today using the Contact Form to arrange a complimentary home assessment.

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