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Sterling Curved Stair Lift

Handicare Curved Stair Lift

Atlanta Home Modifications/ Stair Lifts Atlanta offers an array of stair and chair lifts, vertical and platform lifts and residential elevators as accessibility modifications for your home. Allow us to complete a free in-home assessment and provide you with product information and competitive quotes for the installation of ADA Georgia certified lifts, dumbwaiters and elevators.

Atlanta Home Modifications/Stair Lifts Atlanta assists you in obtaining a residential elevator, stair lift or wheelchair lift manufactured by today’s leading lift manufacturers. The array of products insures that you will be able to make an informed decision about the lift selection for your home. Every lift or home elevator installation is performed by individuals certified by the State of Georgia, offering professional home lift installation, maintenance and repair.

Image via Handicare/Sterling - Sterling 9000 Deck & Porch Lift

Image via Handicare/Sterling – Sterling 9000 Deck & Porch Lift

  • Straight Stair LiftDesigned to require the stair lift user to get in and out of the stair lift chair and runs straight from one floor to the next.
  • Curved Stair LiftDesigned to require the stair lift user to get in and out of the stair lift chair. It runs up a short portion of stairs to a landing, and then up another short portion of stairs, from one floor to the next.
  • Vertical Platform Lift (VPL): Carries the individual in vertically in their wheelchair or scooter. No transfer from the chair is required.


Straight and Curved Stair Lifts for Your Home

Stair lifts travel on tracks which are conveniently and quickly installed on the edge of the steps of your stair. The track is entirely supported on the treads of the stair, not interfering with the adjacent wall. Our stair lifts fold up to a narrow profile, enabling the stairway to be free and clear for the regular use of the stairway.

Straight Stair Lift The straight stair lift is the most common, and is very affordable for most homeowners. Most stair lifts are available with a battery, to ensure operation during a power outage, and runs off of a standard electrical outlet in the home. Straight stairlifts can typically be installed in half a day. The Sterling 950 straight stair lift is manufactured by Minivator Limited..

Sterling Perch Seat Stair Lift

Sterling Perch Seat Stair Lift

Curved Stair Lifts Curved, switchback or split level stairs, with landings and curved sections, require custom stair lifts. Precise measuring and factory precision guarantee that the curved stair lift fits perfectly into the home stairway. Curved stair lifts are more expensive than straight stair lifts, but are still often much more affordable than moving or adding an accessible bedroom or bathroom on the first floor..

Outdoor Stair and Wheelchair Lifts Stair and chairlifts are manufactured for outdoor installations and located at access points between a vehicle parking location and a deck, porch or door location. Atlanta stair chair lifts for your homes are available in open platforms, and enclosed elevator shaftways.


Wheelchair Lift Options in a Tight Space

Lift options for tight spaces often require special lift modifications such as a motorized track lift at the bottom, or utilizing a combination of two lifts or a lift and a ramp. Two you-tube videos explaining the Sterling Handicare 1000 and 2000 outdoor stair lift Atlantatypes of lifts we install are as follows: inclined platform stair lifts, and  ceiling track in-home lifts systems. When a transfer in and out of a wheelchair requires a lift in a home without space for a lift, one of the three following options could be considered; a small enclosed shaft way within or adjacent to the home; an exterior vertical platform lift, or a ramp. Please contact us at 770.880.3405 or by email to discuss your accessibility options.

 Stair Lift Facts and Details of Operation:

  •     Stair lifts have safe and easy-to-operate controls.
  •     Lifts make your whole house accessible.
  •     Lifts are more affordable than moving or adding on to your home.
  •     Stair and wheelchair lifts give you independence in your home.
  •     Lifts make going up and down stairs easy!
  •     The stairlift seat swivels away from the stairs at the top, while the footrest remains in place. The swiveling movement allows the rider to place his or her feet safely on the top landing, allowing the rider to safely stand or transfer to a wheelchair or scooter.
The Atlanta Home Modifications Process
Atlanta Home Modifications, LLC is a full service design and installation company, handling all phases of your project. Our elevator and lift services are in strict accordance with ADA standards and the State of Georgia elevator and lift requirements.
Atlanta Home Modifications specializes in assisting you with Atlanta stair chair lifts for your homes, elevator, dumbwaiter, and wheelchair lift installation, handling your work from start to finish. Our elevator and lift services are in strict accordance with ADA standards and the State of Georgia elevator and lift installation certification requirements.

Modification design and installation proposal: We conduct a modification design and installation study to determine the feasibility of specific modifications, including design sketches and cost estimates. Our goal is to maximize the accessibility of your home while keeping within your budget. Installation: After agreeing upon a final design, budget and schedule, we begin our modifications. Minimal impact for you and your family is a priority for Atlanta Home Modifications.

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