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Home and Community Based Home Modifications Funding in Atlanta

The Georgia Department of Human Services offers community based services to assist elderly and people with disabilities to remain living in their homes longer, in spite of mobility challenges. A few of the services include home modifications. The following is quoted from the <a href=" why not try here.9e91405d0e424e248e738510da1010a0/?vgnextoid=baf466ef2affff00VgnVCM100000bf01010aRCRD”>GA Dept. of Human Services Division of Aging Services website, the 2008 – 2011 State Plan stated:

The Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) program makes available a variety of services to individual consumers, and to groups of consumers, to support and assist older Georgians ( and their caregivers, when present) in maintaining their independence in their homes and communities These services support older persons and their families in living longer, living safely and living well. In SFY 2006, 36,793 individual older adults, including caregivers, received one or more HCB individual services.”

The Division of Aging Services, along with Area Agencies on Aging, offer support and services to infirm elderly and their care givers, including home modifications.

According to the 2008 – 2011 plan, one of the future areas of emphasis for the community based services is to provide additional home modifications and assistive devices to promote independence. Non-Medicaid Home and Community Based Services focus on solutions to help older Georgians live with safety and independence in their own homes.

For additional information about funding assistive technology and disability home modifications, visit the Funding Resources page at Atlanta Home Modifications, LLC, — an Atlanta based accessibilty design and installation company.

Vehicle Mobility Aids for Wheelchairs and Scooters

Considering the purchase of a handicap accessible vehicle? There are a number of important decisions to be made as you begin your search. The first question is, will you seek a vehicle that has already been modified, or will you do the modification to the vehicle after you purchase it? If you are looking for assistance in answering this question, you may consider locating a certified driver rehabilitation specialist (CDRS). They are specialists in equipment selection, fit and training.

Vehicles are accessed by either a ramp or a lift. There are four main types of lifts:

1) The platform lift is a permanent installation on a vehicle, and it folds up and down to receive and carry a wheelchair or scooter.

2) A rotary or swing lift is used on private vehicles and swings out on a post and lowers to the ground. It takes up less room than a platform lift.

3) A hoist lift is typically used to pick up and lift just a wheelchair or scooter on straps into the vehicle.

4) The under vehicle lift is stored under the vehicle in an enclosure, sliding out when needed.

Portable and powered ramps are available for use with accessible vans. The powered ramp is activated in association with a powered door.

When you consider how to finance your accessible vehicle including adaptive aids, it may be worthwhile to consult some of the major automobile manufacturer programs such as the GM Mobility Program, Chrysler Automobility Program, Toyota Mobility Program and the Ford Mobility Motoring Program.

4 Sources for Financing Assistive Technology

4 Sources for Financing Assistive Technology

Here are details for 4 Sources for Financing Assistive Technology:

The Center for Financial Independence & Innovation
On the subject of financing Assistive Technology, one Atlanta based organization that helps to finance assistive technology is The Center for Financial Independence & Innovation and their Credit-Able (AFP) program. Call 404-541-9005 and select the extension for the credit-able consumer liaison, Daphne Brookins. It is located at 1419 Mayson Street, NE, Atlanta, GA 30324. The website is Read More

Does Medicare pay for home modifications?

Does Medicare pay for home modifications? I wish I could say they do, but I have never heard of Medicare helping with assistive care devices. A good internet source to confirm that is http://www Recommended at this page: Click on “home repair and modifications” at the bottom. It says they do not assist with home modifications, but they do provide some DME, durable medical equipment. The following page defines DME, or durable medical equipment as, “Certain medical equipment that is ordered by a doctor for use in the home. Examples are walkers, wheelchairs, or hospital beds. DME is paid for under both Medicare Part B and Part A for home health services.”

The VA offers financial assistance to veterans for home modifications

The VA offers assistance to veterans who are in need of disability equipment. Visit for more information. The home page for the Department of Veterans Affairs provides links to veterans benefits and services, as well as information and resources for other programs and offices.

Have you visited the Disabilities Resources of Georgia Website?

Have you visited the Disabilities Resources for Georgia Website? Lots of excellent links at

Wheelchair ramp assistance in the Atlanta area

Wheelchair ramp assistance in the Atlanta area available at FODAC (Friends of Disabled Adults & Children – Atlanta) Visit: