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North Georgia Home Elevator Selection Tips

North Georgia Home Elevator Selection Tips

Residential elevators are becoming more and more popular in private homes, making the challenges of going up and SavariaPersonalAccessibilityLiftdown stairs practically obsolete. Never has this been more valuable than in the lives of those who are growing older and desire to remain living as independently as possible within the comfort of their own homes. As you think through whether an elevator is the right choice for you, consider these home elevator selection tips for your North Georgia home

What are some practical things to consider when looking at a home elevator for your home? First, do some preliminary shopping to see if a home elevator is suitable to your needs and fits within your budget. Features and prices vary drastically, so shop around carefully and verify whether or not a vertical platform lift is a more economical option.

One of the most significant things to think through are the spatial requirements for an elevator. You must determine whether there is a horizontal access point for the elevator in the home and the precise direction of entrance/exit to the elevator at each floor. Finally, it must be determined that the structural system is in place to support a vertical shaft if that is required by the elevator design.

Savaria Eclipse Residential Elevator

Savaria Eclipse Residential Elevator

Then determine if your home can accommodate the space requirements of an elevator. This includes room for the door to open smoothly and allow for good traffic flow, and especially taking into consideration the convenience of mobility device access. Knowing your specific requirements helps greatly in assessing which home elevator is best for your North Georgia or metro Atlanta home.

Finally, consider the factors specific to the primary user, such as degree of mobility and total estimated lift weight, since these are essential to the right choice of elevator. These are just  a few of the important home elevator selection tips for your North Georgia home.

Financing assistive technology such as an elevator can present quite a burden for the individual with a disability, or for family members of an individual with a disability. Visit the Financing page for more information.

Contact Stair Lifts Atlanta, LLC / Atlanta Home Modifications by telephone at 770.880.3405 and we will assist you in the installation of an elevator that is exactly suited to meet your mobility needs for your metro Atlanta, North Georgia home.

Contact your local aging in place expert at Stair Lifts Atlanta, LLC / Atlanta Home Modifications for an in-home assessment today and see what freedom a home elevator might bring to your life.


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HealthCraft SuperPole Brings Stability to Atlanta Metro Residents


HealthCraft SuperPole Brings Stability to Atlanta Metro Residents

Have you ever watched an elderly or disabled loved one struggle to get out of bed or a deep chair, endeavoring to support themselves and prevent injury in the process? For those struggling with a disability in Atlanta, this type of situation can be a thing of the past – with the specially designed HealthCraft SuperPole.

The SuperPole assists the weakened or mobility-impaired individual with pulling himself out of a chair or bed and giving extra support wherever needed. It is a floor-to-ceiling grab bar, constructed of alloyed steel, which expands in order to create controlled tension and provide tangible security and confidence in use. The ends are rubber padded to ensure that no damage comes to floor or ceiling. Foam-covered handle grips provide a comfortable and secure hold, even for those with weak hands and limited strength.

HealthCraft says, “The SuperPole is a safety pole that can be easily installed between any floor and ceiling by simply turning a jackscrew. The pressure created by the jackscrew is strong enough to support you, yet it does not require drilling holes into the floor or ceiling.”

The standard pole has a weight capacity of 300 pounds, while the heavy duty has a capacity of 450 pounds. The design is attractive and unobtrusive, is simple to install, and can be relocated to be used wherever it is needed!

Give those who are elderly or struggling with a disability in metro Atlanta the gift of security with a HealthCraft SuperPole today!

Contact Atlanta Home Modifications
For additional information regarding HealthCraft Superpoles, walk-in tubs and accessible showers in the Atlanta metro area and north Georgia, please contact Atlanta Home Modifications by telephone at 770.880.3405, or via the contact form.


Is a Curved or Straight Stair Lift Best for Your Metro Atlanta Home?

When considering the purchase of a stair lift, do you know which is best, a curved or straight stair lift? Which lift best matches the abilities of the user as well as the stairs upon which they are to be installed? To determine the best handicap stair lift for your metro Atlanta home, consider the following facts.Handicare Sterling Stair Lift for Metro Atlanta GA

Choosing a Curved or Straight Stair Lift

A straight stair lift is installed on straight, regular rise stair tracks that ascend from one floor to another in a straight line. The user must be able to get in and out of the chair.

A curved or custom built stair lift is one that ascends along irregularly patterned steps, or on a circular staircase. As with the straight lift, the user must be able to get situated safely in the seat of the lift.

The installation of two straight stair lifts is used as an economical solution when the stair runs have a landing between the levels. This installation feature requires the user to be able safely to transfer from the first to the second stair lift. This is typically a less expensive choice than a curved or custom stair lift, but must be undertaken carefully.

Shopping for a Stair Lift in Atlanta

Handicare Sterling Stair Lift Using A Stair Lift is EasyCarefully shop for a new stair lift. A number of good brands vary regarding the stair lift quality, capacity rating, availability, warranty, dependability, and ease of servicing. For information about stair lift selection and ordering, contact the experts at Stair Lifts Atlanta / Atlanta Home Modifications, LLC. We assist you in making the best decision for you, your home and your loved ones. We offer disability equipment; stair lifts, platform lifts and residential elevators; and assistive technology, for your metro Atlanta or north Georgia home.

If you are trying to decide whether a curved or straight stair lift is the best handicap stair lift for your metro Atlanta home, and if it meets your mobility, structural and financial requirements, visit the Stair Lifts Atlanta website, and then consider scheduling an in-home assessment today by calling 770.880.3405.





Handicare Straight Stair Lifts

Handicare Curved stairlifts:

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Stephen Greenewald Sees Assistive Technology in Action at Georgia Tech

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